The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man


In the city Cusco (Spanish: Cuzco) of Peru, there are enormous stone blocks of various shapes forming the walls of the complex called: Sacsayhuamán and are fitted together like the pieces of a puzzle. (See the image below right.) Initially Sacsayhuamán was thought to be a fortress but today researchers are not so sure of this anymore.

SacsayhuamánSome of these stones are weighing up to an incredible 500 tons and are 27 feet in height. These kind of interlocking stones are also to be found in other various other megalithic buildings in Peru (Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo), Egypt and even in Easter Island.

Like the megalithic stones in ancient Turkey, Egypt, Greece and in Tiwanaku, certain stones are also joined together by bronze clamps. Some of the bronze had seemingly been poured in place, a skill thought not available in pre-Columbian Peru.

Aramu MuruWithin the Hayu Marca mountain region of Peru there had been found a mysterious rock structure, about 35 km from Puno to Lake Titicaca, that had been called "the door of Aramu Muru". It was only recently been found, in 1996, although local people already knew of its existence for a long. It looks like a carved rock, measuring 7 meters heigh and 7 meters wide. At the center there is a 1.5 meters wide niche which gives the impression of a door. (As seen on the image on the left.)

As told by local legend, many structures including Tiwanaku and this structure, which is known as the "Portal to the Gods" or the "Portal to Heaven", were erected by Lord Muru, a ruler who came from the land of Mu (an ancient sunken continent which was once situated in the Pacific Ocean.) It is also called "the devil's door" by the locals because of claims that people would have disappeared near the door, and in some cases even reappeared afterwards. Some have noted strange, tall men accompanied by glowing balls of lights, walking through the doorway. (From the short movie: "The Stargate of Aramu Muru".)

OllantaytamboIt is a mystery how and for what purpose this was built. Possible it wasn't meant as a structure but may have been used as a quarry like the strange quarry in Ollantaytambo (seen at the image on the right), located in southern Peru; At this stone quarry one can see that the stones are cut out of the rock as if one carved them from butter, leaving a very smooth surface with traces of horizontal lines at the bottom (not seen on this specific image however), as if it had been cut with laser technology.

According to both psychic intuitives Edgar Cayce and Douglas James Cottrell, one was already familiar with the laser during the technologically advanced period of Atlantis. (Although it worked differently.)

Another noteworthy connection with Atlantis is stated in the ancient legends of Ollantaytambo, which tell us that before the Incas built on its foundations, the building was said to be originally constructed by "the Children of the Sun". In the book "A Dweller on Two Planets" (chapter 18), the inhabitants of Poseid (the largest island of Atlantis) were called the "Children of the Sun". The sun symbolized "Incal", which was their name for "God".

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