The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

Life on Mars in the Ancient Past

Life on Mars in the Ancient Past

Could it be plausible that, in the very distant past, Mars was once a fertile planet with water, vegetation and other forms of life? On the barren red planet we find many dried up rivers and seas, and often it is said in scientific circles that water is a requirement for life (actually the kind of life we are familiar with). A disaster must have happened that disturbed the ecological system of this planet that would have lead to the existence of all life on the planet, save for possibly any micro-organisms.

THEMIS Marskaart
Fragment from the map by Mars Odyssey's THEMIS
(Mars Thermal Emission Imaging System), dated 23 June 2010.
There appears to be an imprint of a former riverbed.

According to the sessions of trance clairvoyant Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, some thirty billion years ago (when the north pole looked to the constellation of the Great Bear), there would have been intelligent life on Mars with animals, green vegetation and humanoid beings, before a huge disaster happened where the moons of Mars and Jupiter collided with each other and caused Mars to tumble, by which Mars gradually turned into the barren desert planet as we know it today. Its survivors fled to other planets including Earth - what would have been their most successful resort. The Martians that arrived on Earth survived and became Earthlings. (For more information, see the chapter: "Dr Douglas James Cottrell About Mars".)

The American electrical engineer Ernest L. Norman wrote in his own channeled book: "The Truth about Mars (1956)", that survivors evacuated more than a million years ago from the planet Mars and started a colony on planet Earth that eventually became the current Chinese race. Here we speak of the "indigenous" Martian people, not the Anunnaki/Igigi who arrived much later on Mars to build their colony when Mars already had became a dry and barren planet. (See the chapter: "Mars in Other Ancient Cultures".)

According to Edgar Cayce, the Lemurian civilization appeared around 900,000 BC, some 100,000 years later after the survivors would have settled on Earth according to Norman, and very roughly a half million years before the Anunnaki came to Earth according to Zecharia Sitchin. The large continent of Lemuria would have been situated in the Pacific Ocean, stretching from Asia all the way to Easter Island. A civilization is defined as an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached. It certainly means that these Lemurians were not primitive hunter-gathers during that time. According to Sitchin, the original human species from Earth would during that time still be in a more primitive state (closer to what we now think of "ape-man") until the Anunnaki arrived on Earth and created Homo Sapiens, thus could it be that these Lemurians were the descendants of this advanced Martian race?

It seems inconsistent with Norman that Dr. Cottrell is saying that the "great collisions in the heavens" happened some billion years ago, while Norman is merely talking about "more than a million years" ago (which is of course also quite stretchable however.) Could it be that Dr. Cottrell was talking about some kind of cosmic instability were cosmic collisions already went on for millions of years, before the collisions with Mars, and that the evacuations more closely happened around a million years ago? A billion years is a very long time ago, especially when, according Dr. Cottrell, mankind wouldn't have changed much physically compared to the ancient Martians.

A declassified (apparently in February 2017) Central Intelligence Agency document of a remote viewing session done in the year 1984 by a psychic intuitive in service of the the CIA, gives details about the planet Mars at the time frame of likewise one million year ago (perhaps they did read Norman's book), and seems to supports the information of both Dr. Cottrell and Ernest L. Norman, as it also paints a picture of large pyramid-shaped structures on Mars, a planetary disaster and the mention of fleeing to another planet with much vegetation and strong volcanic activity, which seems to describe the situation of planet Earth, one million years ago. Regarding the pyramids it was told that they were used in the concerning time as temporary shelters for the savage storms on Mars. The mention of the Martian people as thin, tall beings could perhaps suggest that they indeed may have been ancestors of the Chinese race. (Source: "CIA-RDP96-00788R001900760001-9.pdf".)

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