The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

Mars in Other Ancient Cultures

Not only in the ancient Sumerian clay tablets can we find clues that part of mankind may be of extraterrestrial origin. According to the traditions of the African Zulu tribe, their stories tell that their ancestors were indigenous to the red "star" they called "Liitolafisi" (which means: "the eye of the brown hyena") that we know today as the planet Mars. A very long time ago they would have come to planet Earth in "boats" (spaceships?) where they initially inhabited the Sahara desert when it still was a tropical rainforest. "Unkulunkuli" is the name of their God and is said to be the first "man" and exists in all creation.

Quite possibly there is a connection between the Zulus and the Olmecs from ancient Meso-America, who, according to current historians, were the predecessors of the Mayans, before their crude leaders were banished. We know the Olmecs because the colossal "Olmec heads", which were made with very refined precision and were found below the sand in Veracruz, Mexico. (Probably they were buried later to hide their negative influence since they could probably not or barely destroy or move them.) It cannot escape from one's attention that some of these statues are clearly showing African Negroid characteristics, while, according to the current archaeological image, there would not have existed a Negroid race in the Americas during that time and there would also not have been transatlantic contacts between Africa and America.

Unarius is a non-profit organisation that was founded in the year 1954 by the American electrical engineer Ernest L. Norman (1940-1971), that had the goal to spread a new "interdimensional science of life" that was based upon the principles of four-dimensional physics, obtained through the means of channeled (by himself) information from intelligent beings that existed on higher planes of frequency. In his short book: "The Truth about Mars (1956)", he wrote that even up to that day there would still be life on Mars and that there would even be, on a limited scale, "human life" living in underground cities that were connected by each other by gigantic metal tubes of three to five hundred feet in diameter, where long monorail cars could silently and very swiftly pass from one city to the other.

Mars tubes
A close-up from one of the ribbed transparant "tubes" on Mars

Not until early in the year 2000, the scientific data of the first MGS MOC (Mars Orbiter Camera) was released due to public pressure. Among this information there were photos that showed the surface of Mars. The American author Richard Hoagland discovered miles long ribbed "tubes" on these photos where on certain places one could see the reflection of light. (See the image above.) Due to this the impression came into being that these could be of a transparent material like glass, or maybe some kind of plastic because these tubes seem to be elastic in nature, similar to the hose of a vacuum cleaner. Could these perhaps be the tubes that Norman was speaking about tens of years earlier?

According to Norman the Martians would have originated from another unnamed planet that was dying. More than a million years ago they would have come to Mars and they also started a colony on planet Earth that eventually became the Chinese race by evolution of time. Possibly this referred to the ancient civilization of the legendary continent of Mu or Lemuria, that would have existed prior to Atlantis and that would have existed in the Pacific Ocean before most of the land of this continent sunk due to heavy volcanic eruptions. (According to Dr. trance clairvoyant Douglas James Cottrell this would have happened around the period of 250,000 BC.)

According to the information of Norman, the Mongols and Tatars would have been mostly very fierce roving bands of nomads who were the descendants of the Aryan race. (According to Edgar Cayce and madame Blavatsky, the Aryan race was one of the races that came from Atlantis.) These Martian colonists would have endured a lot of trouble with these tribes. Although they had weapons which could thoroughly and completely decimate these nomadic tribes, yet they refrained from doing so because they disliked intensely to kill their fellow being. He also mentioned in his book that the various dynasties of the Chinese Empire would be traceable to the line of this Martian race.

According to the German writer and researcher Hartwig Hausdorf, the old Chinese emperors themselves emphasized their claim that their ancestors did not came from the Earth, but that they were the descendants of the so-called: "sons of the heaven". (The sons of God?)

It seems that the technology and customs of the Martians, like the knowledge of nature and the building of pyramids, was being kept for a very long time on Earth and that civilization of Atlantis would have used it until this knowledge eventually became lost, possibly as the result of natural catastrophes where according to Plato mainly the illiterate did survive that lived in the mountains.

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