The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men

Angels were, figuratively spoken, seen as the hands and feet that shaped creation. From the energy of the Source, everything was created by the different celestial orders: the universe, Earth and everything within. As we think of an angel today we think of a spiritual being with a non-physical spirit body, an attendant of God. In the ancient past of the Biblical book of Genesis, the term "angel" was actually unknown. The book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch made mention of beings that were called "sons of God" that came from the heavens, actually the sky above.

Now the term "son of God" is actually not a perfect translation. The original Biblical Hebrew term for "sons of God" is "Bene Elohim". And, as noted in the chapter: "Mesopotamian Myths and the Elohim", the term "Elohim" is plural from the singular "Eloha", and thus would translate to: "gods" or "godly beings", instead of "God". Bene Elohim would thus more accurately translated as: "sons of godly beings". This is also true in Aramaic (the language that Jesus would have spoken): as the Aramaic term: "Bar-Elahin" translates to: "a son of the gods". (Source:

Not only in the book Genesis, but also in other Biblical stories such as the book Daniel, angels are called: "Bene Elohim"/"sons of the gods" in the original Biblical Hebrew and "Bar-Elahin" in Aramaic versions, but were later translated to "angels" in other languages. The English translation was actually based upon the Greek translation instead of the original, much harder to translate, Biblical Hebrew texts. The term "angel" comes from the Greek term: "aggelos", what means "angel" or "messenger".

In the Biblical texts, angels were regarded as supernatural beings, as people believed they came directly from God. An angel could appear from seemingly nowhere as a shining being, but also as an ordinary human being, often to guide people with a certain message from the higher realms. In other texts like in the book of Daniel we read about an angel rescuing three children who were thrown in a burning furnace because they refused to worship a golden idol that was made by the king; They were not consumed by the fire because an angel was with them.

The Anunnaki would have already been on Earth around 445,000 BC according to Zecharia Sitchin. Between 350,000 BC and 200,000 BC would be the possible time frame of the story of Enoch and thus also the Biblical story about the communion between the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men"; This time frame is based on the statement of Daan Akkerman that this happened during the transition phase from the age of Lemuria (350,000 BC) to that of the age of Atlantis (200,000 BC).

According to Daan Akkerman, the electro-magnetic field of planet Earth had changed with the last Earth changes at the time of the sinking of the last remaining islands of Atlantis (around 9,900 BC), which started the further densification of matter, what ended the possibility for spiritual beings (gods/angels/genies) to materialize and dematerialize at will, and incarnation became the sole possibility to experience life on Earth. After this time, angels would only be able to influence mankind from the higher realms through thoughts and inspiration (from more modern stories about angels it seems there are some exceptions, however), but before these times they would have been quite active on the Earth plane in physical form.

Both the Anunnaki and the Igigi were part of these "sons of God"/"sons of the gods". In those times they were on Earth they could assume a temporary physical form, to be able to directly influence Earth's matter. As mentioned in the chapter: "The Garden of Eden", the Anunnaki group created Earth man because of a temporary necessity. Especially in the beginning they were very content with the result and the creator Enki wanted to give Earth man gradually more freedom, wisdom and intelligence. The gods took responsibility for what they had created, and were steering humanity in their development and evolution afterwards. A minority believed however that they even could posses and exploit Earth man because of this creation and because of this conflicts and even a war arose between the gods. People in general most likely weren't able to comprehend that they came from other parts of the universe.

The ancient stories tell that a specific, relatively lower branch of the angelic hierarchy carried out the task in the heavens to keep an eye on creation.

Because they had their task in the heavens it was forbidden for them to come to Earth. However, when they saw the beautiful women in it, a certain group of angels rebelled, and under the leadership of the angel Azazel they descended to Earth to choose women for themselves. According to the book of Enoch this happened on mount Hermon, situated in the Anti-Lebanon mountain range, on the current border of Libanon, Syria and Israel.


This story was written on the Sumerian clay tablets and variations of this story are found in holy scriptures like the Tanakh, the Old Testament, the Qur'an, and the books of Enoch. The Second book of Enoch describes the Grigori as countless soldiers of human appearance and were bigger than the greatest giants, who with their prince Satanail rejected the Lord of light. ("Satanail" appears to be a given moniker for Azazel and could mean: "impious one". As mentioned earlier, "satan" is the Old Hebrew word for "adversary".) Although this group of angels offered the people knowledge and learned them handicraft, not everything they learned the human being was good for them; Like the production of weapons, and knowledge of witchcraft and enchantments.

Also, the human females begot giants from the mating with those angels, which caused much trouble. (See Genesis 6:1-4. According to the Book of Giants they also begat "monsters"). These angels and Earth women were genetically compatible because the faction of Enki had created the Earth people by crossing their Anunnaki genes with the homoinoid Earth species (which was probably apeman). Many Earth women however died before giving birth, because of the large size of their embryos.

Besides the Biblical book of Genesis, there is also mention of giants in both Norse and Greek mythology. They had been called "Titans" by the Greeks and were according to some myths described as the sons and daughters of Uranus (the heaven) and Gaia (Earth); More literary it would of course refer to the offspring between those beings from the heavens and those of Earth. The Sumerian word "Titaan" actually means: "those who in heaven live", and therefore seems to refer to the Grigori/Igigi. (link) These giants were initially known as "heroes" and "men or renown" because people were very content with them as they were very strong and did many good things with their power, but at a certain time it went completely wrong.


Actually, they would have needed so much food which wore out the food supply. The ordinary people became displeased by the giants and because of this the giants suffered discrimination and contempt which eventually resulted in a rebellion of the giants who in their anger and fury turned themselves against the ordinary people and began to eat them in their unquenchable hunger. They also began to eat every bird, beast, reptile and drank their blood. They were unjust and therefore they were called the Nephilim, what means: the "Fallen Ones". (See: "The Book of Enoch".)

The giants were also known by other names, including the Emim, Rephaim, Gibborim, Zamzummim, and the Anakim. From chapter 4 from the book: "Legends of the Jews" (1909) by Lious Ginzberg:

"The offspring of these alliances between the angels and the Cainite women were the giants, known for their strength and their sinfulness; as their very name, the Emim*, indicates, they inspired fear. They have many other names. Sometimes they go by the name Rephaim**, because one glance at them made one's heart grow weak; or by the name Gibborim, simply giants, because their size was so enormous that their thigh measured eighteen ells; or by the name Zamzummim, because they were great masters in war; or by the name Anakim***, because they touched the sun with their neck; or by the name Ivvim, because, like the snake, they could judge of the qualities of the soil; or finally, by the name Nephilim****, because, bringing the world to its fall, they themselves fell."

(* Emim means: "the fearful"; ** Rephaim means: "the dead ones"; *** Anakim means: "the long-necked ones"; **** Nephilim means: "the fallen ones".)


Because they were so large and strong they were no match for any ordinary human being. (According to Edgar Cayce the giants were around 10 to 12 feel tall in stature.) Law, order and justice could not be guaranteed, and because of this the ordinary people also took over their sinful behaviour. Even up to the portal of heaven the complaints would have been heard of the victims and also the call for justice. As the Book of Enoch mentions, the prophet Enoch carried out his mission to bring the sinful angels the message that they must immediately stop their interference and actions or else they would be severely punished. The angels however ignored the message and because of this they were traced and imprisoned. Because of their disobedience this group, who rejected their divine glory for an earthly life, they are also called the "fallen angels" in the book of Enoch.

During that time however, most of the damage already had been done. The god with the highest authority, known by the Sumerians as Enlil, began to feel regret that he created (modern) man as the human race had become wicked and impure because of the existence of the giants. He expected that his messing with creation always was against the will of the Most High and that it should be made undone. This eventually would have caused the great Deluge. His half brother Enki, who would have been directly involved with creation of modern man, would have secretly saved a pious man - who is known in the Bible as Noah - and his family, against the will of Enlil.


From the material of Edgar Cayce, there were in the early periods of Atlantis "angelic" beings whose physical form were more like thought forms, who felt attracted to the way of living in the Earthly material world. This "first wave" of angelic beings, that came to Earth, had now become "sons of men" (or sons of the Earth) instead of "sons of God" (angels). Today we would rather use the word: "angels" instead of "sons of God". Because of this transition to the material plane, the consciousness of these souls was lowered so much that they became completely caught up within the illusion of separation and became "trapped" into matter.

Some of these souls even became those beings that were partial man and partial animal in appearance, including the satyr, mermaid and the like - because they pleased to do so as they thought it would have advantages. (See Edgar Cayce Readings 364-10 to 11.) It seems that Edgar Cayce here mentions those souls that incarnated into part man, part animal bodies during the times of genetic experimentations in Atlantis. (See the chapter: "Atlantis - Mythical Creatures".) These beings eventually would have become the basis for the legendary creatures of Greco-Roman mythology and possibly also other mythologies from other countries.

Merely by themselves, the first wave of souls was not able to return to their original higher angelic state of consciousness without any help. This was noticed by Amilius - which Edgar Cayce also referred to as the Christ soul. According to Edgar Cayce, Amilius would later have been re-incarnated as: Enoch, Hermes (Thoth), Melchizedek (high-priest and king of Salem or Old Jerusalem), Joseph (son of Jacob), Joshua (the warrior), Asaph (musicial and seer of king David and Solomon), Jeshua (high-priest), Zend (father of Zoroaster) and ultimately Jesus of Nazareth; the man who was first to attain complete "at-one-ment" as the perfect divine-human unity known as the "Christ" (the "anointed one"). This is why Edgar Cayce referred to him as the "Christ soul". (The codex called: "Melchizedek" from the Nag Hammadi also implies that Melchizedek was the same entity as Jesus.)

In an attempt to help these sons of men and to counter the influences of evil that came from the lack of understanding, Amilius guided the souls of another group of angels - who Edgar Cayce called the: "second wave" - to Earth. These angels (sons of God) were spiritually advanced beings from other parts of the universe. They accomplished their goal by steering the process of physical evolution in a way that created more appropriate physical forms for these trapped souls. When finally the desired physical human form was created, Amilius became voluntarily trapped in materialism, as the very first "Adam" (which means "man" or "mankind") in the Garden of Eden in Mesopotamia, in order to assist the trapped souls. The Adam was the first human being of a revised and perfected kind (probably the "Homo Sapiens"; modern man). In total there were actually five different Adams at five different locations on Earth that were the progenitors of the different human races as we known them today.

sons of God and daughters of men

Another group of "sons of God" followed (those who we now refer to as these "fallen angels" who were mentioned in the Book of Enoch). But when they saw that the "daughters of men" (from the new human race of Adam) were beautiful, they rebelled and landed on Earth. As a result - like the first wave - they became entrapped in materialism as well; According to the legends, many of them changed from spiritual beings (sons of God) into material beings and they could not return to their former angelic state.

Because of this, a division came into being among the people of Atlantis, from those of the offspring of the pure race (of Adam) who called themselves the "sons of the Law of One"; who strived for equality and oneness - and the "sons of Belial"; who were both the fallen angels and their offspring with the daughters of men, and who further indulged into selfishness and separation. These groups formed opposing factions and because of their conflicting ideologies there was a long lasting conflict between them. During these times there still existed those part human, part animal beings beings who were then called the "things" - because they neither were animal nor fully man. The use of these beings as slave workers appeared to be the primal source of conflict; The sons of Belial wanted to keep exploitating them, but those of the Law of One wanted to give more rights, freedom and room for spiritual development for these beings.

According to James Tyberonn (, who allegedly channeled "Archangel Metatron", the sons of the Law of One mostly lived on the Atlantean island called Poseidia (or Poseida/Poseid/Poseidonis) while the sons of Belial moslty lived on another Atlantean island called Aryan. (Source: "The Story of the Fall of Atlantis - and the Atlantean use of Crystals".)

The sons of Belial are also mentioned in the Hebrew Bible where Belial is usually translated as: "worthlessness"; as in "lacking worth", and can be interpret as "lawlessness"; those without laws. "Belial" is usually considered as a demon, Satan or the personification of evil itself. Both the name Belial and the sons of Belial are mentioned a number of times in scriptures like the Hebrew Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls (in: "The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness"), The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, and once in the New Testament (2 Corinthians 6:15). (Source: Wikipedia.) Certain Jewish apocryphal works make Belial synonymous with Satan.

Perhaps the words: "lie" and "belied" are derived from the name Belial. The actions of the sons of Belial - which included the perversion of elevated spiritual ideals - led to the spiritual regression of Atlantis and the downfall of the archipelago and her original civilization. By the use of lies and deception, they ultimately took control of the advanced technology of Poseidia, after which their power sources and inventions were used as weapons for domination and warfare. The careless use of these inventions - which they used as weapons - resulted around 9,900 BC in the demise of Poseidia; The final remaining island of Atlantis.

Psychic and seer Paul Solomon clearly described in his readings that the souls of the sons of Belial came from the planet Mars. At the time this planet drew closer to planet Earth, those souls transferred to the Earth sphere. (According to Zecharia Sithin, Mars at that time was a barren desert-like planet were the Igigi "gods" had a colony, more than a half million years after the huge planetary disaster that affected the indigenous people of Mars.) Another group of souls from the planet of Venus followed (those of the Law of One presumably), to counteract those selfish intentions and the activities of that group that issued from Mars, and incarnated on Earth in a material body. (Source: Reading 176, 7/73.) As the sons of Belial as the incarnated "fallen angels" would have kept much of their knowledge while being in the flesh, it could be that they knew that they came from the planet Mars because the name "Aryan/Arian" - the island of Atlantis where most of them lived - could be linked to Ares; the Greek god of war that later had been adapted by the Romans as the god Mars. Thus Aryan could have meant: "those of Ares/Mars".

According to traditional Jewish belief of the Torah, the daughters of men from the story would specifically refer to the descendants of Cain, but this statement was not to be found in the corresponding story in the Bible. Based on this claim, the story between the sons of God and the daughters of men is often interpret as the mixing between the descendants of the race of Adam's son Seth, who would have lived in the mountains, and the descendants of his sinful son Cain, who lived on the plains. The problems with this particular view is that this claim is never explained as such within the old texts and in no single old writing the descendants of Seth were called "sons of God", or mentioned with a similar name. This interpretation would also not fit within the context of the story about their gigantic offspring, which would imply that they also would somehow differ at the genetic level.

The book: "A Dweller on two Planets" (1894) by Phylos the Thibetan (claimed to have been received through channeling by Frederick S. Oliver) called the people of Atlantis by multiple names, including: "the Sons of God". (More about this book in the chapter about Atlantis.) Quoted from page 204:

"Atl, known through the olden earth as Atlan, Queen of the Seas,” and her people as “Children of Incal,” * i. e., “Of the Sun,” and as the “Sons of God.” How are the mighty fallen!"

(* "Incal" was the name for "God" during the time period of Atlantis. Like also in ancient Egypt, the sun was often used as the symbol for the oneness of All-That-Is.)

In the book "Initiation" by Elisabeth Haich, she tells the story of her own life where she recalls a past life experience in Egypt. She mentions the pharaoh from that time as being from a lineage of people who were also called "the sons of God".

Daan Akkerman explained in his book: "Lanto 1: Atlantis", that the original "sons of God" originally came from certain extraterrestrial groups from the constellation of Orion, which also included this group we call today the "fallen angels" in our scriptures. The later group from Atlantis and Egypt who called themselves the "sons of God", like in Elisabeth Haich's book, were according to Daan Akkerman not always the descendants of those of the lineage from the original sons of God, but would have called themselves in this manner because they knew that, not only angels, but all people are sons of God, as God is the collective of All; Although their consciousness about this fact was greater compared to most of the other people.

Further according to the readings of Daan Akkerman; The existence of giants, daughters of men, sons of God and their offspring, happened during the transitional phase between Lemuria and Atlantis. During this period, the bodies of the beings on Earth were not yet fully solidified. There were beings that could travel between Earth and the Cosmos that could manifest themselves into physical form and therefore also could have physical intercourse. Because of this it was possible to begot children whose intelligence and strength was superior to others of the human race from that period. This is why they were called "heroes" and "men of renown" in the old scriptures; Because they were able to do things that ordinary men could not do. In this manner there came many into the world that, from this lineage, are still carrying the blood of those heroes in their veins - in the pure physical sense - resulting from this union between this Nephilim and men in the ancient past.

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