The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

Anomalies from the Past

Anomalies from the Past

There are many different kinds of artefacts from the past that current historians cannot explain. Take for example the stone balls of Costa Rica, the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull or the Ica Stones of Peru. According to the current historic view, many of these kinds of objects could not even exist, and it is often solely because of that line of reasoning that many are regarded as modern fabrications. Often these kind of objects are never on display because they cannot explain nor describe them. Many of these objects are described in the very comprehensive and free e-book: "Earths Forbidden Secrets, Part One", by Maxwell Igan. (

There are also remarkable stories and myths that contain knowledge that had been much later been discovered by modern western civilization. According to Zecharia Sitchin the ancient Sumerian clay tablets also contain a story about the space travel from a for us unknown planet to the planet Earth, in which the planets within our solar system were described with great detail and accuracy.

There are also stories of primitive tribes - that would never had any contact before with western civilization - that knew had very advanced astronomical knowledge and knew of planets that are invisible to the naked eye, and even of heavenly bodies that are still unknown to us.

Further it is not known how it came to be that many different ancient cultures deformed the skulls of their children in order to enlarge their craniums. Because there would also have been found skulls that were naturally long - with no signs of the required binding process - they would probably have done this to mimic the appearance of those who already had long heads. But who were they actually, and why did they look almost inhumane?

And what was a white bearded man doing among the Meso-American Indians, and what did he achieve to be called the Feathered Serpent by the red skinned Mayans and Incas, and honoured as a god?

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