The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

The Ark of the Covenant

Moses with the Ark of the Covenant

The book Exodus from the Bible tells us that the Ark of the Covenant (also known as the Ark of the Testimony) was constructed by Moses according to the pattern that was given to him by God.

From Exodus 31:1-6 it is clear that Moses did not build the Ark solely on his own, as God directed Moses to work with Bezaleel and his assistant Aholiab who were foremen who directed their own workers. According to the instructions, the chest was made from acacia wood and both the inside and the outside of the chest was overlaid with pure gold and upon and around it there was a crown of gold. (Exodus 25:10-11.) God was said to have spoken with Moses from between the two statues of cherubim that were faced to each other at the Ark's cover that was called the "mercy seat".

The chest would have contained the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, the rod of Aaron (Moses' older brother) and a pot of an edible substance called "manna".

The so called "manna from heaven" was the food the Israelites ate during the wilderness wanderings, recounted in Exodus chapter 16. The word "manna" itself isn't an actual Classical Hebrew word but instead a transliteration of a Greek interpretation. (The English translations of the Bible are based upon the Greek translations.) Like the Egyptian word 'mennu', it translates to "food". It had been described as being white, comparable to hoarfrost in size, and raw manna would have tasted like "wafers that had been made with honey" (Exodus 16:31) and also "tasted like something made with fresh oil" [olive oil] (Numbers 11:8). However, it was not known what kind of food this manna exactly was. According to the readings of psychic intuïtive Dr. Douglas James Cottrell it actually was fish, as water spouts at sea sometimes deposit fish on land. It was almost if it arrived from the sky by magic. (Source: "Dr. Douglas James Cottrell: Mysteries of Scripture - The Tree Of Life / Manna", by Rammsteinregeln.)

The Ark was carried by the Israelites during their forty years of wandering in the desert, always by its staves, and was always hidden under a large veil made of skins and blue cloth. In between they camped, it was placed within a separate room in a sacred tent called the Tabernacle. It was regarded as their most sacred possession that apparently could do miraculous feats and was even brought multiple times upon the battlefield as a secret weapon. It was carried in advance of the people and their army by priests. It was also carried in a seven-day procession around the walled city of Jericho, where they destroyed its defensive walls in a seemingly miraculous manner.

high priests

The high priests that carried the Ark wore a special breastplate with twelve different gem stones, each of them from a specific tribe of Jacob whose names were inscribed on the stones. Aaron also wore such a breastplate. Unfortunately, it is not clear from the text what kind of minerals were used here, but on their shoulders they carried two onyx stones. The ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks and Romans regarded the black onyx stone as one of the most important stones for healing and protection. It would have helped cure diseases that had to do with nails, skin and hair.

According to the readings of Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, the biblical Ark of the Covenant really existed and would have been kept in Ethiopia for a certain amount of time. It would have been made by Moses who received instructions from the Great Beyond in his dreams. He actually knew what he was doing because he was familiar with the advanced (and probably secret) knowledge of the Egyptian priests. (Possibly from the technologically advanced age of Atlantis).

In the town of Axum in Ethiopia, situated within the Tigrai province, the patriarch of the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion indeed claimed to once have the Ark in their possession. (See: Wikipedia.) Once a year, the Ark was taken out to show it to the people. But since the recent war and tensions in the area it remains locked in its shrine full-time. The last time they showed it to the world was in the year 2009 (source:, but although still under a veil; Because no one else but the appointed high priest of the Ark could view the sacred artefact. According to rumours, he seemed to be suffering from some kind of radiation sickness, as he was going blind and had skin burns and welts. The priests that had previously guarded the Ark would also have suffered from these conditions and therefore didn't live long. Blessed replicas of the Ark had been placed in every single church in Ethiopia, and perhaps the image below is of such a replica.

In 2014 it was reported by the website worldnewsdailyreport that the real Ark had been stolen from the catacombs of the church by a team of 12 to 16 highly trained professionals, but according to this was completely false news. According to Dr. Cottrell, the Ark would as of today (2017) reside in the secret archives of the Vatican. (Source: "Dr. Douglas James Cottrell: The Vatican Secret Archives", by Rammsteinregeln.)

Ark of the CovenantDr. Cottrell described the Ark as a small portable nuclear reactor with an energy source within that would be akin to a (small) sun that could be used for a number of appliances including the cutting of stone and to make iron float, and was also used as a weapon against the enemies of Israel; Here the energy was radiated out like a fire hose which inflicted heavy radioactive poisoning. This is why directly touching the Ark would cause death and would blind anyone who looked inside it. Therefore the Ark was carried with long wooden handles by priests that wore protective clothing. (Source: "Ancient Mysteries 1".)

In the case of the march around the walls of the city of Jericho; Here the Ark was used as a transmitter of a sound frequency that ultimately destroyed the walls as they could not withstand the sound frequency. Here the ram horns, that the Israelites were blowing, functioned like speakers (for the transmission of the sound waves). The march around the city actually was to remove or isolate any object that could interrupt or deflect the sound, so that the concentration of "speakers" could be all around the city. (Source: "Dr. Douglas James Cottrell: Mysteries of Scripture II - The Battle of Jericho", by Rammsteinregeln.)

The city walls of Jericho were made of solid rock. Quartz mineral occurs in basically all mineral environments, and is the important constituent of many rocks. Quartz has a hard crystalline structure and therefore it is strong but also breakable. By means of acoustic pressure, the vibrational frequency of quartz mineral can be raised to a certain height (a crystal glass will break between 129 and 135 db) where its moleculair structure will disintegrate. Could it be possible that this created fissures within the walls of rock material that caused it to crack and shatter?

Also according to Dr. Cottrell, the Ark required a certain substance that he called "white powder gold" to operate ("Ancient Mysteries 1"). Today, white powder gold is better known as monoatomic gold. Monoatomic means that it exists of only one atom, and in this state the gold loses its metallic properties and becomes a superconductor. This would already have been known by the alchemists of old.

In the book: "Talking With God: The Radioactive Ark of the Testimony", author Roger D. Isaacs asserts that the biblical Israelites used the smoke of incense to protect themselves from radiation burn. Quoted from the author at

"Many Old Testament laws were designed to protect the Israelite priests and people from radioactivity emanating from a cloud through which the Lord spoke when it descended onto the Ark. People died or became ill if they came too near or touched the Ark. Thus, the incense, uniforms of the priests, sacrifices, and strict safety regulations were all designed to protect priests, people, animals, buildings, clothing, and the environment from the radioactive danger emanating from the cloud.

This unique use of incense was in no way mystical or magical. The ingredients in the incense had a demonstrable, chemical, protective effect. In fact, researchers today are studying how the ingredients found in incense might counteract the effects of radioactivity."

According to the book: "The Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis" by Jon Peniel, the Ark would have resided within the Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt) where it was used as a device for the storage of electricity, what we call a capacitor today. From page 280:

"The Pyramid had a layered capstone of copper and custom created quartz crystal from Atlantis. The Pyramid would collect energy from the Earth’s bio-field, and focus it in the Ark. The Ark would release regular bursts of a specific frequency of electrical energy that would be transmuted and transmitted from the crystal capstone. All the Children’s buildings and vehicles had receiver crystals tuned to the Pyramid, and would pick up and change the energy back into usable power."

Could Moses have made the Ark even before the exodus from Egypt? Although it is widely assumed that Moses made the Ark during his forty day stay upon Mount Sinai, approximately one year after the Israelites' exodus from Egypt, it is in fact from the ancient text not known when. From

"The English words do not reveal when the Ark of the Covenant was made. The Hebrew word that is translated “made” is a QAL perfect. This implies that the ark was made but we do not know when. It could have been made after Moses returned from Mt. Sinai."

From the in the Bible given dimensions of Moses' Ark, it would either almost (with a few inches short) or completely fit into the stone "sarcophagus" inside the Great Pyramid. The inner dimensions of the granite box are: 6.49 ft. in length, 2.22ft. in width, and 2.86 ft. in depth, and according to the Bible (Exodus 25:10-11) the Ark was: 1.5 cubits in width and depth and 2.5 cubits in length, what is 2.25 ft. in width and depth, and 3.75 ft. in length. As a cubit is approximately 1.5 feet - and thus not exactly known - it is possible that a cubit could be a bit longer or shorter.

According to James Tyberonn (, who allegedly channeled "Archangel Metatron", the unit we know today as the "Ark of the Covenant" would have been a type of "portable" capacitor device that was made by the Atlanteans, and also implicates that the Ark of the Covenant - or another Ark - would have ever resided within the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Quoting from his text: "The Story of the Fall of Atlantis - and the use of Crystals":

"The Atlanteans had the knowledge of hyper-dimensional quantum physics and understood that counter rotating specific magnetic fields around cylindrical crystals created anti-gravity waves...

...What is termed the ARK of the Covenant is among the capacitor devices capable of being 'portable' generators of this and other forms of energy. There were indeed many units of what your legends term the Ark of the Covenant.!...

...You may find it interesting to note that the dimensions described in your religious texts for the Ark of the Convenant are the same dimensions of the sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This will be discussed in more detail in a future channel. But we will say that the ARK Crystal is still in place."

Another curious thing to note is when the "King's Chamber" of the Great Pyramid was initially discovered, there there had been found a small amount of white powder within the granite box. Could this also have been white powder gold?

The know-how to build and use such a device would have been passed by the Atlanteans to the Egyptians, as Egypt was one of the colonies of Atlantis. According to Dr. Cottrell's eBook: "The New Renaissance", the use of Atlantean technology actually persisted in Egypt and was the reason that it suddenly went, almost overnight, from an agricultural nation to a super power in the world. Moses and others used the force of gold, in both beaten and crystalline form, and used electricity, although it had been generated differently compared to the generator or alternator we know today.

As Moses was raised at the Egyptian Court, he could indeed have been familiar with this technology. Like today, their technology was sufficiently known by only a small minority. The Atlanteans/Egyptians probably sealed their only written accounts of this potentially harmful technology within the information repository and time capsule somewhere deep below the Giza plateau that the seer Edgar Cayce referred to as the Hall of Records.

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