The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

Coral Castle

Although not of ancient orgin, this place may have been built using long lost ancient knowledge from the times of the Atlantean civilization. Around the year 1923, the Latvian-born Edward Leedskalnin built a park on his own with stone sculptures in Florida City which he named Rock Gate Park, later more known as Coral Castle.

The place comprises numerous megalithic stones from limestone (mostly limestone that had been formed by coral), each weighing several tons. The park remained in Florida City until about 1936 when Leedskalnin decided to move and take the park with him. He spent three years moving the park including all of his sculptures 10 miles (16 km) north from Florida City to its current location in Homestead, Florida.

It is a mystery how one man could have moved these megaliths with only a single primitive wooden tripod and without the aid of motorized construction machines. When one asked how he could accomplish this feat he answered:

"I understand the laws of weight and leverage and I know the secrets of the people who built the pyramids."

Leedskalnin also researched electromagnetism and wrote a document called "Magnetic Current" (Readable here.), where he explained that gravity and magnetism would essentially be the very same force. According to his theory all matter was being acted upon what he called "individual magnets", with a positive and negative polarity like a magnet. It is supposed that he could have used this knowledge to move and lift his megalithic sculptures, because in his shed there had been found a mysterious machine with a flywheel with no known purpose. Also, on old pictures one can see a strange box on top of his tripod, which never had been found.

Notably, he made his sculptures from limestone, which is the same material as the biggest part of the megalithic stones of the pyramids of Giza, certain stones of Stonehenge (the "Whitestones") and the stones of certain ancient dolmens. Perhaps the crystalline material within the stones could have a special electromagnetic property that perhaps could change its influence to gravity by the influence of an opposite force or frequency.

It is also noteworthy that both the old and the new location of Coral Castle is situated at an intersection of so-called ley lines, like with many other megalithic structures. Leedskalnin never fully explained how he lifted these stones and took his secret with him into his grave when he died in the year 1954.

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