The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

Energy Lines of the Earth

During the Middle Ages dowsers knew of energy lines. These are meridians of the Earth through which her life force flows and it is supposed that these meridians would follow the sides of the polyhedron of the earth. At an intersection of these energy lines there would be a vortex of these energies and was revered as a "power place", where originally had been built (Pagan) sanctuaries on top of them. Many were broken down and replaced with Christian churches in later times. These places would have been believed to emit higher etheric forces that would be of a positive, healing and revitalizing nature, and beneficial for an improved contact with the Divine. The Chinese called these lines: “Lung Mei” or “Dragon Lines”, and are of two types: Yang lines represented the Blue Dragon, and Yin lines represented the White Tiger. An intersection point of these lines, balancing Yin and Yang, was regarded as a power place.

The British amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins noticed, during his research of these prehistoric places, that many of the names of the places which were all situated on one single line, contained the notion of "Leah", which according to him means: "protection" or "shelter", and since that time these lines were called "ley lines". Many megalithic sites from over the world seem to be build at or nearby an intersection of ley lines, including the large pyramids from various ancient cultures, by which they are connected to each other like in a network.

William Becker; professor of Industrial Design at the University of Illinois, developed in collaboration with his wife Bethe Hagens; professor Antropology at the Governors State University, the theory of the "Planetary Grid" which they called the "Becker-Hagens Grid". Their theory was inspired by both the discovery of Scottish biologist and writer Ivan Sanderson as the teachings of the Greek philosopher Plato. In Plato's writings the Earth was regarded as a 120-sided polyhedron, which is a synthesis of both the dodecahedron and the icosahedron. This knowledge was known by the Greeks (Plato) but also by older civilizations. If we could behold the Earth without the water of the seas however, we would be able to see that the Earth is not an exactly perfect sphere but has more the shape of a cinder existing of many flat sides.

As you can see in the map below, many ancient megalithic sites are build near specific connection points on the grid. Another point of importance is that a lot of these sites had been build near tectonic active zones. Building heavy structures in these areas could have been an attempt to stabilize the Earth so it could reduce the force of earthquakes.

planetary grid system
Becker-Hagens' Planetary Grid System
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Energy lines and intersection points

Line between (1) and (21): Alexandria and Giza, Egypt
Line between (1) and (12): Jerusalem, Israel
Line between (11) and (20): Stonehenge, England
(12): The ancient city of Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan
(13): Pyramids around the city Xi'an, China
(14): The Devil's Sea or Dragon's Triangle
(17): Megalithic sites of Tiwanaku, Bolivia
(18): The Bermuda Triangle, and Coral Castle in Florida
Line between (18) and (37): Bimini Road, Bimini
Line between (18) and (33): Pyramid of Kukulcán, Yucatán
Line between (20) and (2): Ruins of Djémila, Algeria
Line between (21) and (12): Ruins of Axum, Ethiopia
(25): The temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia
(26): Megalithic sites, Sarawak and Borneo
(28): The megalithic city of Nan Madol, Pohnpei
(35): Megalithic sites and the Nazca lines, Peru
(40): Ancient mines and structures, Zimbabwe
(47): Megalithic sites and statues, Easter Island
(62): South Pole, Antartica

Because it is said that the current nature scientific measurement devices are not able to prove these energy lines, the existence of these lines are not scientifically acknowlegded. However, in science one knows the phenomenon of so-called "telluric energy", also called "earth currents", which is an electric current that is usually measured as extremely low in frequency and that travels large distances through the crust of the Earth. In her book: "Atlantis: Insights from a Lost Civilization" (1997), author Shirley Andrews mentions that these energy lines are essentially conduits of the electromagnetic field that is emmanating from the molten iron of the outer crust of the Earth.

Long before the discovery of these earth currents, the channeled book "A Dweller on Two Planets" (1894) already mentioned the idea of so-called "earth-currents" (see page 37 of that book) and was explained as the knowledge and technology to use nature as a potentially very powerful source of energy (the Navaz forces). This knowledge would have been utilized during the technologically advanced period of Atlantis but people lost this knowlegde however after a series of huge catastrophes.

In his ebook: "The New Renaissance", trance clairvoyant Dr. Douglas James Cottrell mentioned a certain grid where, at specific places, certain holy places, pyramids and temples were built that were geometrical equally spaced from each other. At each of these places there would be a certain level of mica and carbon at the base of these pyramids. These were places for the alignment of the disruptive forces that would be called "anti-gravitational" (magnetic and anti-magnetic disruption), by which both stone and metal could float in the air.

Dr. Cottrell mentioned the combination of three forces of nature: electricity, magnetism and gravity. By a specific combination (proportion) of these forces, a special flying craft would be able to follow the course of a certain energy line, and by a different combination it would follow the course of another one. These forces would interact with each other and disrupt one another. To give a simplistic example: One force is comparable to the gas pedal (acceleration) of a car, while other (counter)acts like the brake pedal (de-acceleration). Specific combinations of these three forces could affect matter and other combinations even time. (Source: Dr. Douglas James Cottrell: The RendleSham Forest UFO Encounter.) The original energy flow would have "derailed" when certain Atlantean temples disappeared into the sea at the time when the continent of Atlantis broke up into five islands.

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