The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

The Mystery of the Pyramids

Usually, a burial place of the pharaoh is beautifully enriched with ornaments, decorations and hieroglyphs, but none are found in the Great Pyramid in Egypt; We only find a bland grey stone box with no lid in a completely undecorated chamber. There is no absolute evidence that this pyramid had ever been used as a tomb. Actually, there had never been found any body of a pharaoh within a pyramid, as the ancient Egyptian royalties were entombed in the place that is called the "Valley of the Kings", where also the tomb of the famous young pharaoh Tutankhamun had been found in the year 1922 by Howard Carter and George Herbert.

Pyramids are generally thought of to be tombs for the king, but there is a serious problem with that idea. In Egypt, never has an extant mummy been found in any pyramid, nor have any parts of a mummy been identified with certainty as those of a king. Nobles and pharaohs like the famous Tutankhamun had been buried into the "Valley of the Kings", not inside any pyramid. As noted by "wisdom keeper" and archaeologist Abd'el Hakim Awyan (1926-2008) from the "Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism: Keepers of the Ancient Egyptian traditions" (, there is a difference between the mastaba, which is a glorified burial place like the pyramid of Djoser, and the pyramids at Giza which served another function, but generally still thought of a burial place because of the inclusion of a granite stone box which is thought to be the kings' sarcophagus.

King's Chamber stone box

The so called "King's Chamber", situated within the heart of the Great Pyramid, is entirely faced with smooth granite stones which are fitted with such precision that it is impossible to insert a piece of paper between them. In this small chamber there only stands an empty granite stone box with what seems to be a damaged corner. From the examination of experts, it would have been cut with a seemingly impossible high degree of precision for that time (like in laser precision) which would have been impossible achieve by using primitive tools only. The general belief among Egyptologists is that this stone box was the sarcofagus of the mummified body of the pharaoh Khufu, though there is no convincing evidence for this statement and there was never found any mummy inside this box or elsewhere in the pyramid.

Some researchers think the Biblical "Ark of the Covenant" from the story of Exodus, actually rested here within this stone box, because the given dimensions of Moses' Ark would fit very well into the stone box. Although it is not not clearly stated when Moses constructed the Ark - and thus we can't be sure - the story implies however that this happened during the exodus from Egypt and thus not while in Egypt. Therefore it is more likely that there could have been another Ark within the pyramid. In the Bible it is described that the Ark of the Covenant sometimes was used as a weapon, which could mean it could have been some device that stored, or could generate, some kind of powerful energy. According to the book: "The Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis" (1997) by Jon Peniel, an Ark would have resided within the Great Pyramid where it was used as a "power storage device". (For more information, see the chapter: "The Ark of the Covenant".)

The English author, craftsman and machinist Christopher P. Dunn ( suggested that there once had been a great explosion in the King's Chamber. It's walls can be seen separating from the floor and seem to bulge out, and the original color of the granite stone box and the nearby walls probably were pink, as in pink Aswan granite, instead of chocolate brown, which could indicate that they once had been scorched by a tremendous heat. Other evidence could be the large cracks in the granite beams at the ceiling of the chamber. The general suggestion is that these would have been caused by an earthquake. If the granite box once had a lid, perhaps it was once blown off with dynamite, or some other explosive? Or could it be due to the effect of the Ark?

Christopher Dunn is under the impression that the pyramids at Giza could have been large energy generation devices and that traces of precision machining are evident in many ancient Egyptian structures. He further speculates that these gigantic structures were built at these specific places on the Earth, at those previously mentioned ley lines, not because the tectonic crust was very stable; it was just the opposite. In his view the crust of the Earth was, or had became, very unstable in the past, leading to constant earthquakes, and those heavy structures were built to dampen those earthquakes and to stabilize the crust of the Earth.

According to the ancient Chinese practice called Feng Shui, every geometric shape would influence the energy of its environment. Depending on the used shape within the environment, it would change, create or destroy certain energy patterns. The shape of the pyramid captured the interest of Russian scientists for some time. Since the falling of the iron curtain, Russia had been spending a significant portion of its military budget on pyramid research, but there is however currently still no hard scientific evidence that the shape of the pyramid would be able to influence its environment.

According to the ancient Egyptian (Khemetic) oral traditions, the Great Pyramid had been constructed in a way, according to so-called "sacred geometry", that it would benefit from various forces of nature which would focus in this manner an high vibrational etheric energy that could be harnessed to raise the frequency rate of the energy body. The effect woul be an expansion of consciousness and a more accessible connection with the Divine, which enabled one to connect and communicate with the sacred energies of the universe known as "Neters". (The original Khemetic word for pyramid would be "Per-Neter", which means: "House" of the "Neters".) In this manner the Great Pyramid was once used for the purpose of initiation within the stone coffer located in the hart of the pyramid: the King's Chamber. This chamber would have been "tuned" to a certain tone/vibration by which, thanks to the law of resonance, the frequency of the energy body of the initiate would be raised to the frequency of the chamber. In a certain sense the Great Pyramid thus could be seen as a sort of musical instrument.

The book: "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" (1928) by Canadian-born author and mystic Manly P. Hall (p.41) described the initiation in the King's Chamber:

"In the King's Chamber was enacted the drama of the "second death." Here the candidate, after being crucified upon the cross of the solstices and the equinoxes, was buried in the great coffer. There is a profound mystery to the atmosphere and temperature of the King's Chamber: it is of a peculiar deathlike cold which cuts to the marrow of the bone. This room was a doorway between the material world and the transcendental spheres of Nature. While his body lay in the coffer, the soul of the neophyte soared as a human-headed hawk through the celestial realms, there to discover first hand the eternity of Life, Light, and Truth, as well as the illusion of Death, Darkness, and Sin. Thus in one sense the Great Pyramid may be likened to a gate through which the ancient priests permitted a few to pass toward the attainment of individual completion. It is also to be noted incidentally that if the coffer in the King's Chamber be struck, the sound emitted has no counterpart in any known musical scale. This tonal value may have formed part of that combination of circumstances which rendered the King's Chamber an ideal setting for the conferment of the highest degree of the Mysteries."

Quoted from the website: "Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism", a modern day Egyptian "mystery school" (or wisdom school) which spreads the learnings from the ancient Khemetic (Egyptian) oral traditions and their own research:

"The ancients (all over the world) built many powerful and enigmatic structures, utilizing the elements from their environment, combining them with the energy naturally emanating from the Earth’s ley lines, and constructed them in a fabric of sacred geometry reflecting the very cosmology and energetic make-up of our holographic universe. This was not the work of an unintelligent or unevolved societies!

The stone structures in ancient Khemit, that were used to mark, amplify and utilize the energy of the ley lines, were elaborate and complex, and included the placement of massive blocks of granite, basalt, diorite, alabaster, white calcite, sandstone and limestone, each required for its unique energetic properties, and were often transported from very long distances. Many of these huge blocks were quarried much later, during Dynastic and Ptolemaic times, to build Temples over existing Temples, Statues, and buildings. The writing on much of what we find at the sacred sites was added during these more modern times as well. As most of the standard historical dating of the sites and monuments has been based on the writings found in, on or around them, it is clear to us, that their findings are misleading and often blatantly wrong!

The Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx (who we call Tefnut) are far more ancient than our text books tell us! The ancient pyramids were not created to be tombs! The pyramids, temples and monuments were originally built and used as Energy Devices for transmitting and receiving energy and/or signals, as consciousness raising devices, and possibly as inter-dimensional or inter-galactic communication or travelling devices. A complex architecture of of the natural elements of energetic rock, combined with the frequencies of sound, and varying temperatures of running water, all effectively worked together to generate power. The various Pyramid, or Per Neter complexes here were networked in a dynamic design of underground tunnels and shafts implying an even wider scope of purpose and capability."

(A certain theory about the workings of the pyramid as an energy generator had been explained In video: "The Secrets Hidden in the Pyramids of Egypt" and also had been presented during Carmen Boulter's documentary: "The Pyramid Code" (2009).)

The Giza pyramids exist for the most part of limestone, wherein is often formed quartz. The stones of the corridors and chambers are made of granite, which exists of three minerals: quartz, mica and feldspar. Within the granite blocks of the King's Chamber has found a high concentration of quartz. Most of the obelisks in Egypt are also of granite stone. The x-ray research of the French scientist Joseph Davidovits concluded that also the casing stones contain highly piezoelectric crystalline material. The piezoelectricity is the effect where crystals, of certain materials including quartz crystal, produce an electric current when under pressure and can also transform a electric current. In this case the stones of the pyramid could function as a large capacitor; an electric component that is able to store an electric charge. The running ground water below the pyramid was one of the many energy sources that would have been utilized and possibly it was also meant to transport the now charged and vitalized stream of water to other areas of the world.

The various angles of the upper shafts in the King's Chamber could possibly have been aligned for the sending and receiving of the energy from and to the stars which they are pointed to. American deep trance medium Paul Solomon (1939-1994) also described the pyramid for the purpose of accessing of energy from beyond the Earth atmosphere. Quoting from "Source Reading 9217" during the year 1988:

"...Now, this is the source for the fascination with the power of the pyramid. And, if this were to be understood, contained a core of stone with a capacitor, an outlet oriented to specific stars, or star systems, Polaris being one. And with an overlaying sheathe of what is being called now, or rediscovered, re-invented, not yet perfected, called super-conductive ceramics. [The ceramics] overlaid again with translucent calcite which allowed for accessing universal energy from beyond Earth atmosphere and was used for a time for stabilizing the Earth, but was misused at a time which caused great catastrophe on Earth. Such instruments being sufficiently powerful when misused to disturb the atmosphere, the environment, even the climate, the weather, and more."


This will probably mean that the "core of stone with a capacitor" is in fact the granite "sarcofagus" within the King's Chamber, because one one of the shafts in the King's Chamber indeed points to the star Polaris.

Also at the pyramids of Teotihuacán in Meso-America we can find possible evidence for the generation of energy. The Pyramid of the Sun contained considerable amounts of granulated mica in layers up to 30 cm (12 in) thick. In 1906, sheets of mica were found between two of the upper levels of the Pyramid of the Sun, before they were removed and sold during restoration work. More recently a "temple" was also found on the site underneath the Pyramid of the Sun, where two massive sheets of mica of both 90 feet square were found on top of each other below a floor paved with heavy stone slabs. These sheets were identified as a type of mica that is only found in South America, some 2000 miles from Teotihacán. Because they were hidden away from sight they were not used as a decoration and logically must have had some function. Mica is nowadays used by the electronics industry in capacitor construction, and for both thermal and electric insulation.

At the ruins of the temple or pyramid at Abu Gurab in Egypt there had also been found huge sheets of mica in front of the complex, which adds further evidence that, although different in style, both the ancient Egyptian and Meso-American pyramids could have built according to the same base of understanding.

In his ebook "Jesus the Christ", Dr. Douglas James Cottrell mentions the "sarcophagus" within the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid as the "golden embodiment". Here there was a degree of experimentation with which some would call: "astral body travel", or awareness of the soul, or communication with the spiritual aspects. In a certain trance session (see: "Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids", by Rammsteinregeln) he give additional information about the Egyptian pyramids:

"The intention of the Great Pyramid was to communicate with the "Great Beyond", or the spiritual aspects. Both the King's Chamber as well the Queen's Chamber would align with certain astrological influences and there would be an attempt to receive great levels of wisdom through this point. The Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx was used as a repository for information and ideals that were subdued or suppresed. There is a grid around the planet, and various points on this grid would have had pyramids existing of the same, which were built by this organization or peoples who had fled from the continent known as Atlantis. The Egyptian pyramids were also built as an attempt to develop or maintain the power grid or the transportational aspects of the planet itself. They were not simple mausoleums or crypts."

Further according to Dr. Cottrell; The mica that is found at the base of the large pyramid-shaped structures would have been used for the transition and the multiplication of the energy, for this material was both used as an insulator and a conductor. These structures were both generators and markers for large craft that could move through the air, across the land or sea though gravitational and anti-gravitational forces. This would have worked in a way that is like the broadcast of a beam (to another pyramid on Earth) that would disrupt gravity in a way that it became possible to let float both iron and stone. They were geometrically equally spaced around the planet and formed a network to create a kind of "highway in the air", where one could travel from one beacon to the other. (See also the chapter: "Atlantis: Atlantean Flying Machines".)

On a small scale these generators were also used to lift heavy stones; By using motors that would broadcast high frequency vibration (that gave off electical impulses) it would create a vortex above the object that would disrupt its gravitational "push", and by such means stone and iron would float. (The problem here is that the operator needs to be shielded from its harmful influence). This force would be a push instead of a pull, because, according to Dr. Cottrell, gravity would emanate from above and not from the ground. This technology will again be rediscovered when we will understand the "Law of Resonance", what means that magnetism and anti-magnetism are also matter and anti-matter, and is perpetual energy. (Sources: Dr. Cottrell's ebook "Atlantis Revisited" and the videos: "Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Pyramids and UFO Technology" , "Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids part 2", and "Dr. Douglas James Cottrell: The Egyptian Serapeum of Saqqara", by Rammsteinregeln.)

The Great Pyramid of Giza would have generated "magnetic electricity" (electromagnetism) that was collected as a combination of magnetism on two different planes or levels and radiating out like spokes in a wheel that would rotate in opposite directions from each other that would cause an alignment and an extension, namely the combination of electricity and magnetism together. (Source: "Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Miscellany vol 2: Esoterica and the Unexplained".)

Below the flowing water at the Great Pyramid there would (still) be an "anti-gravity device, which almost looked like two bells put together; two speakers facing one other to reverberate the vibrations ("reverberating vibrating surfaces, opposite, or facing one other.") The presence of flowing water allowed the device to cool off. (Source: "Dr. Douglas James Cottrell: Secrets of Coral Castle - the Gravity Disruptor (3/3)".)

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