The Lost History of Man

The Lost History of Man
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The Lost History of Man

Extraterrestrial Visitors

Certain myths seem to be interpretations of what people, in ancient times, believed what had happened, according to their own understanding and frame of reference. Many ancient texts from the whole world described beings who came from the heavens. In the Mesopotamiam and Greek mythology they were called gods, in the Tanakh, Bible and Qu'ran they were called angels, and from ancient Persia (today's Iran) and ancient India there are similar stories of supernatural beings who waged war with each other - called the Asuras/Ahuras and the Devas/Daevas - who would exist on a higher plane of reality. And many well known ancient tribal legends from Central and South America are about star beings who came from the heavens to assist humanity.

In modern times, there exists the belief that "heaven" is the place were one goes after death, but the word "heaven" originally referred specifically to the sky and all that is above, including space and the "heavenly bodies", which includes the planets and the stars. Thus, the Sumerian and Akkadian words for "heaven" could be replaced with "above", and in this sense this would mean that these beings came from the skies, or beyond: from outer space.

The theory that the "gods" from ancient mythology were possibly beings of extraterrestrial origin was popularized with the books of Italian journalist and writer Peter Kolosimo (most notably: "Non e terrestre" (1968), translated to English as: "Not of this World"), and the slightly later Swiss author Erich von Däniken with his book: "Chariots of the Gods? (1968)". This point of view was later dubbed as the so-called "Ancient Astronaut Theory".Zecharia Sitchin

Born in Russia and grown up in Palestine, American writer Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) studied old and new Hebrew, and all sorts of Semitic and European languages, and had great knowledge of the Old Testament. Sitchin's work is about his own translation and re-interpretation of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets and seems to fuel some more credibility to the "Ancient Astronaut Theory". His hypotheses are not widely accepted by scientists and academics, who often dismiss his work as pseudo-science and pseudo-history.

At the time Sitchin wrote his first book: "The 12th Planet" (1976), only specialists could read the Sumerian writings. Using his knowledge of ancient texts, he researched and re-translated the ancient Sumerian writings according to his own interpretations which happened to differ at certain points from the previous translations of others.

Because of his books he received a lot of controversy from the scientific world. He is often brought into discredit because of certain incorrect translations and incorrect astronomical and scientific information. But let us consider that when Sitchin wrote his first book about this topic, there was not as much knowledge of Sumerian language as we have today, by a long shot, and thus in many cases he had to rely on his own speculation.

Based on certain ancient depictions and artefacts, Sitchin also assumed that the Anunnaki used space rockets in the ancient past. On closer inspection, it often became clear that these just depicted mountains (drawn in a simplistic way), obelisks or menhirs. This kind of evidence was often not very convincing and decisive.

His later book: "The Lost Book of Enki" was also criticized because Sitchin would have formed many different myths and legends into one fitting story. Many scholars are convinced these stories are not related to each other, but one cannot deny that it is surely remarkable that there are many similarities between the myths of different ancient civilizations. For example, many civilizations have a myth of a great flood.

He also pointed out numerous similarities between certain gods from different ancient civilizations, including the Mesopotamian (Sumerian/Akkadian/Babylonian), Egyptian, Greek/Roman and Norse/German civilizations, that raised the suggestion that they possibly could have been the very same deities, although differently named based on the language of the civilization.

Besides some criticism, Sitchin's translation substantially doesn't differ that much from other translations such as from the famed Assyriologist Samuel Noach Kramer (1897-1990), but with the distinct difference however that these gods weren't just being regarded as "divine" beings, but as beings which actually came from another planet, and that they were directly related to those that were called the "sons of God" in the book of Genesis from the Bible.

According to Sitchin's translations, the Sumerian clay tablets are about the long and detailed story of technologically advanced humanoid beings from another planet outside our solar system. Explorers of this far away planet would have come to Earth some hundreds of thousands of years ago (about 444,000 BC) with the purpose to mine gold to save the atmosphere of their dying home planet. In ancient texts they were referred to as the "Anunnaki" (also transcribed as: Anunna, Anunnaku, Ananaki and other variations).

Sitchin believed that their home planet was called "Nibiru" and that this planet would be another, undiscovered planet from outside our solar system. According to Sitchin's assumptions, this planet followed its own elliptic path of 26,000 years, in which it would eventually cross our own solar system, causing all kinds of havoc for Earth and the other planets because of its huge mass. However, Sitchin probably made a mistake here, as a cycle of 26,000 years is, in spiritual circles, considered a returning "natural" cycle where every time great changes happen upon the face of the Earth, and this is probably what the clay tablets actually implied. Another point is that it would be impossible for a planet to have and keep its own separate elliptic path if it would enter our solar system, and it would also not be possible to leave it again later.

In the book: "Forgotten Genesis (Transylvanian Series Book 6) (2019)", Radu Cinamar, author and alleged member of Romania's secretive “Department Zero”, stated that Nibiru (NEIBERÁU) was not a planet, but was actually the name of the huge, spherical cosmic space ship of the extraterrestrial visitors. (This actually makes more sense, as a spaceship should be able to both enter and leave our solar system, whereas a planet could not.) During a time when there was a terrible war in space, they came to Earth because they needed materials, gold especially, to repair damaged parts of the Neiberáu mother ship.

Although surely not all what Zecharia Sitchin assumed appeared to be correct in the light of more recently begotten insights, it does not discredit the common thread that is running through his whole theory; Namely, that in the ancient past there had been humanoid extraterrestrials from another planet that came to Earth, who were later seen and revered as gods and rulers. Despite not being widely accepted by scientists and academics, Zecharia Sitchin's theory still remains today's most scientifically proven one regarding the "Ancient Astronaut Theory".

cylinder seal VA 243
Print of cylinder seal VA 243. According to Zecharia Sitchin the dots above-left appear to be the planets

of our solar system with the inclusion of the moon, the sun (in the centre) and one extra planet: Nibiru.

Could there once have been another, now lost planetary body that once had been within our solar system? During the 18th century, in the view of the now-discredited "Titius-Bode Law" (a rule that predicts the spacing of the planets in the Solar System), it was considered that once yet another planet had existed in our Solar System between Mars and Jupiter. This planet was given names like "Phaeton" and "Astera" by astronomers. (The Greek word "astra" means "star", and the word "asteroid" is derived from this.)

From information of Theosophical circles, this planet would have really existed as the planet "Maldek" and inhabited by a humanoid race. According to western yogi Dr. Shri Yogiriji, planet Maldek would have been destroyed by the exploration of the hydrogen bomb, 18.6 million years ago. Its debris would have formed the ring we know today as the "asteroid belt" between Mars and Jupiter. Because the souls of mankind of that time could not reincarnate any more on this planet, incarnations were later continued on other liveable "third density" planets such as Earth.

The view that the Anunnaki were extraterrestrial visitors is also shared by many psychic intuitives around the world. Already since ancient times, mankind would have been visited by beings whose origins were not of this Earth, and the "humanoid" life form originated from other places in the universe. Below are several descriptions of their findings:

In a reading from psychic and sear Paul Solomon, called: "The Time of the Shining Beings" (from 1975), there is a reference to "those from other spheres [planets?] or "gods" from space":

"Giving rise to your speculation in this time of the entry of such from other spheres or Gods from space and such, you see. And such descriptions as are popularized in this time, while as somewhat primitive in understanding or description, not so far [from the truth?] from that you'd see."

The book "Re-member" (2000), written by Steve Rother who allegedly channels a collective of souls who he calls "the Group", tells about a group of renegades from a neighbouring planet who wanted to conquer the human race during the early history of mankind. Ordinary people believed they were gods because they thought they were better then themselves. The original meaning of the conquerors was to create a race of submissive beings. They were called renegades because their behaviour mostly was not tolerated on the planet were they came from. As a result there were times in history were slavery was deemed acceptable. In their attempts to control the human race, this race changed their DNA and fused it with their own DNA. Therefore they are now regarded as one of the six root races. Finally the idea of a submissive race was given up. During this time, the renegades who took control were reunited again with their elders. In the later years these renegades and their elders did much to help humanity to become independent themselves, before they left the planet completely. (More in the chapter: "Forbidden Fruits".)

Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon obtained her information from alleged past life regressions of her subjects, and information obtained while in the state "between lives". In her book: "Jesus and the Essenes" (1992), she stated that the "Watchers", those angels from the biblical book Genesis, were not from this planet; They were extraterrestrial beings that took the form of human beings, either physical, or in an energy form (light body), or they incarnated into a human body. In her books she mentioned numerous other extraterrestrial races who would also have visited planet Earth in the past. Almost 75,000 years ago there would also have been intelligent humanoid life on the planet Mars that would have been very similar to Earthlings. They would have been banished to another part of the universe because of their misuse of energy. (See the many artificial looking pyramids-like structures on Mars, which, according to other sources, would have been some kind of energy generators.)

According to the readings of trance clairvoyant Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, there already had been intelligent "human" life on Mars since some 30 billion years ago, but ultimately had to flee to other planets, including Venus and planet Earth, because of a great catastrophe. Those that arrived on Earth survived and became Earthlings, but those that went on course to Venus unfortunately didn't make it. (More about his readings about Mars in the chapter: "Life on Mars in the Ancient Past: Dr. Douglas Cottrell about Mars".)

Dutch trance medium Daan Akkerman ( explained in his book: "Atlantis en ufo's" (2003) (revised English version: "Lanto 1: Atlantis"), that these "visitors" who had been mentioned on the Sumerian clay tablets, were spiritual beings who originally came from the star constellation of Orion. They were these angels from the ancient texts who already visited the Earth since the early time of Lemuria and they had created mankind in their final form. They directed these great series of developments. However, there was a certain group of rebel angels who saw the image of man as their own property; They looked upon it as the most beautiful creation they had ever made, and therefore they wanted to own it and connect with it. These angels (known as the "fallen angels" in the book of Enoch) copulated with the human females, and because of this there were born many mutants. (See the chapter: "The sons of God and the Daughters of Man.")

According to Daan Akkerman they would have been frequent visitors to mankind during the times of Atlantis, offering knowledge. The civilization of Atlantis would have been in contact with so-called "space ships" from various galaxies. During these times, man also would had been able to travel as a complete transparent being to the many planets in so-called "space ships", which were made from a transparent material and had a form that is currently not known on Earth. On far away planets it shall once be discovered that huge buildings, like the megalithic pyramids on the Earth, would have been in existence for a long time (see the chapter: "Life on Mars in the Ancient Past") and that these buildings are actually "reflections and mirages of something that actually exists for a long time in the cosmos". Scientists will then be convinced that man is actually not from the Earth and that he came into his current form of density because of the earthly structures.

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